Associate Spotlight – Jessica Lins

Our next Alliance Title spotlight focuses on a hardworking team member in our Merdian, ID branch! Let us introduce you to Escrow Officer Jessica Lins. Jessica has been with us for almost eight years and appreciates all the connections she’s made with her customers, colleagues and other community members over the years.

“I enjoy meeting new people, cultivating a solid rapport with clients, being an instrumental piece in transitioning new faces into familiars, and those familiars into loyal friends,” Jessica says. “I also appreciate all the little fine details and intricacies that go into each individual transaction. In our industry, details matter.”

Jessica values what she does as part of Alliance Title and believes it makes a difference for many. She says what she likes most is knowing that her small contribution matters to the people her team serves – agents, brokers, loan officers, home owners, family and friends. She understands that it takes plenty of teamwork for a successful transaction, and she appreciates everyone who plays a part in getting a deal to the finish line. In fact, she often emphasizes the TEAM mentality that is encouraged within her team and leadership.

“The TEAM doesn’t simply consist of those in my Meridian home base, nor is it just Alliance Title,” Jessica says. “That TEAM stretches beyond us and into the wider world, and we all have the ability to impact that world one transaction at a time.” 

Jessica is a creative thinker who values organization. Some of her hobbies include floral design, painting, card making, sewing and photography. She also enjoys a good spreadsheet and closet or pantry organization. Her favorite thing outside of work is spending time with family and friends, particularly outdoors. You’ll often find Jessica hiking and hunting for mushrooms, berries or rocks, camping or paddleboarding down a lazy waterway.

If you love being part of Jessica’s team, give her a shout out to the Alliance Title’s Meridian branch on Facebook. She and the other professionals on the Meridian team would love to be written in on your Ada County next transaction.

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