Just a few reasons we should all give back this season!

You’ve heard the phrase sharing is caring, and lots of us in real estate take that phrase to heart. Our team members and partners are caring professionals, but that giving attitude extends outside of the office, too. Whether you’re already active in the community or looking to lend a hand in the spirit of the holidays and the new year, here’s why all of us need to stay involved. 

Your professional expertise will be appreciated. Think about how many housing-related organizations there are out there. There are plenty of events or causes we could be supporting with the expertise we already have. Ask around. Someone will know of something that fits perfectly for you.

It can be a team effort. Many of our branches are involved in causes and events as a team. It builds camaraderie and showcases our people – and our brand to the community. If you’re a team leader, consider devoting a day or two next year to an office-wide service day. Plus, it would allow you to ask your colleagues and customers about causes and organizations that are important to them. 

Doing good makes us feel good. After all, don’t they say it’s better to give than to receive? Volunteering can also reduce stress, which we’re all looking to do right now.

It can make you stand out. While giving selflessly is important, don’t shy away from promoting your good deeds. None of us do volunteer work simply for the accolades, but talking about what you do in person, on social media, and as part of your overall marketing efforts is certainly not a bad thing. Plus, you’ll be bringing some extra publicity to your cause.

Our entire team loves working with our customers in the communities we serve because you want to see these places thrive as much as we do. Let’s go out there and do some good together. Reach out to us for your title and closing needs – and a good volunteer project if you know of one. We’d love to help!

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