4 tips to tackle that to-do list this season

Ready for your pre-game pep talk? In honor of the impending football season, we wanted to offer a list of tips designed just for you. Let’s break down how to attack and defeat that ever-growing to-do list with the finesse and organization of a championship-caliber team!

1 – Remember that real estate is a team effort. In football, there are 11 players on the field for a reason. Each player has a task for every play, and no one is ever on this journey alone in real estate. We’re grateful to be your title and closing provider, and each member of our teams is ready to do a specific job for you. 

2 – Execute the game plan by staying organized. Organization is more than just a step. It’s a vital strategy. Preparing plans for daily, weekly and monthly tasks is always key. After all, you can only call the right plays if they’re already in your playbook. Just as importantly, make sure you and your team have the tools and training to carry out these ideas the right way.  

3 – Huddle up before issues arise. Whether it’s checking in with your teammates and colleagues or re-connecting with your partners and customers about the hurdles in front of them, it’s important to stay focused on the field in front of you. Plus, getting to know people better will help you anticipate their needs and have you better positioned to deliver for them. Initiate check-ins, schedule meetings (but only ones with a clear focus), and don’t be afraid to call an audible when needed.

4 – Work on your accuracy. Before acting, make sure you have all the information you need from your client and the tools in place from a business standpoint to minimize communication errors and wasted time. Being precise AND accurate will be appreciated by all involved. After all, accuracy isn’t just important for a quarterback. 

What’s the bottom line? Whether you’re in the trenches of a real estate market or on the gridiron, the principles of scoring are the same. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your winning team! 

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