4 Taylor Swift songs that are too perfect for real estate

Whether you’re a dedicated Swiftie or not, this is undoubtedly the season of all things Taylor Swift. Our teams wanted to join the fun before her cross-country Eras Tour trek ends, so we compiled a list of four T-Swift songs with everything to do with the real estate world right now.  

You Need to Calm Down – Usually, we wouldn’t be so direct and demanding, but let’s face it, our clients are dealing with a lot right now. It can still be a good time to buy or sell, but all of us involved in the transaction should be ready to remind each other that things don’t always go according to plan. After all, it’s OK to just “Shake It Off” from time to time.

Lover – Any song that includes, “This is our place, we make the rules,” is going to be on this list. This romantic ballad is all about starting a new chapter with a newfound love. Isn’t that what house hunting is all about? Plus, we want to create deep connections with our customers for years to come, not only on closing day.

Forever and Always – This choice is one of her lesser-known songs, but we had to include it. Why? It’s the perfect basic explainer of how owner’s title insurance works. After all, a policy – plus an accompanying title search done by our professional team – secures your property rights “forever and always,” or at least as long as you or your heirs own that home.

Enchanted – This one makes the list because this list needed a selection from the Speak Now album. (IYKYK) Plus, it perfectly describes how we want every closing to feel for our partners and customers. It’s always enchanting to work with you. Thank you for continuing to meet us over and over again.  

We hope you loved reading this list as much as we liked compiling it. There were some great songs we left off this list, too. After all, she did an entire song on the history of her Rhode Island house. No matter what your wildest dreams are, we’re here to help you – and your clients – start that next chapter in their story. Thank you for always trusting us with your residential and commercial transactions.

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