Ready to move? Here are 4 helpful tips to pack away!

Moving can be quite an exciting time in a person’s life. However, getting everything packed, transporting it, and then getting it to your new home can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be.

While our teams take pride in being one of the final steps of your homebuying journey, we know there’s one major thing that needs to be done even after the papers are signed – the actual move. That’s why we’re excited to present these four tips to help make the transition even easier.

Get organized and label everything

This will help when it comes time to unpack and put things away in your new home (or storage unit). Make sure your labels are clearly visible so you can easily find them later on when it comes time for another move or cleanout session — you don’t want any surprises! Ensure you’re organized before packing up your stuff so that when it comes time to load up that moving truck, everything will be ready-to-go, and things will be easier on everyone involved. 

Pack things in order

This is an extension of the first piece of advice, but it’s worth its own section. When packing, do tasks in order of importance. You should pack more important items first so you don’t lose or forget them during the chaos of moving day. For example, when packing clothes, organize them by type (jeans together, shirts together) and then by color. It will make unpacking and organizing easier when you’re ready! Plus, don’t forget to make sure that anything you need for your first night in your new home is easily accessible. Trust us; this is very worthwhile and will make unloading so much smoother.

Do remember a first-aid kit

OK, we admit when we saw this one, we chuckled, but injuries are no laughing matter. There is a lot of activity happening when you’re moving in and out, and the chances of getting hurt are not zero. Like with everything else you may need to access in a pinch, make sure you know where this important kit is and that it is easy to find. 

Don’t leave anything behind

This seems like a no-brainer, but it’s worth the reminder. Don’t forget about the small (but major) things such as keys, wallets, phones, or anything that could get lost in the shuffle of moving day. Consider keeping these items consolidated in one place so you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

This is just a general list, but if you need room-by-room tips, we’ve got you covered there, too. Whether you’re moving across the country or heading to another neighborhood across town, planning is key. Be realistic about what you can and cannot transport (and what it’ll cost). Getting rid of things before you move is always a good option. It’s impossible to plan for every potential situation and event that can happen, but like during your closing, preparation matters. Our teams are here to help you get ready for it – in every way.

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