Well, Hello RON

There’s been a lot of talk within the industry about Remote Online Notarization (RON), especially at the height of the pandemic. That’s when several states started approving the use of RON. Some in our industry have called RON technology “a game-changer,” so our teams wanted to review a few must haves for a RON closing.

When preparing for a RON closing make sure you…

  • Have a computer or laptop with an internet browser (such as Chrome), a webcam and a microphone or an iPhone or Android with connectivity. 
  • Log in early to access the signing platform and test your technology.
  • Have 2 forms of valid ID available including either a state issued ID or a US Passport.
  • Follow all instructions carefully and complete the identity verification process before the signing begins. 
  • Make sure that your signing room is well lit and free from interruptions.

While we’re excited about this technology and its convenience, we know the in-person experience is still preferred by many. Whatever goes into an excellent closing for you and your customers, we’re ready to get it done. 

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