3 ways to help buyers fall in love with your listings

One thing is for certain in real estate – the market will ebb and flow. However, knowing this doesn’t make the roller coaster ride any more fun, especially if you’re a real estate professional who’s never been through a cycle like this before. This goes for buyers and sellers too. 

That’s why our team has been reflecting on the last real uncertain time we had – remember the first couple months of the pandemic? We came across some tips on how to ensure your listings evolve for the digital-only world and thought we’d dust them off, do a refresh, and share them again.     

  • Virtual (video) home tours are here to stay. In-person open houses may be back, but video and especially video home tours, are more important than ever. You’ve likely done your share of virtual tours by now, but it’s crucial to keep intertwining video in the marketing of all your listings. 
  • Use your photos to show off. We’ve already talked about the importance of good, professional-looking photos, but there’s more to the topic than how they look. To truly make your photos shine, make sure they are interesting, too. Meaning if the home has unique features, highlight them. It’s all about making your listings attract attention, so show how your home is better than similar comps.
  • Don’t forget the power of words. This means don’t be vague. Tell a story. Online buyers can see for themselves if a house is beautiful, thanks to your engaging video tour and higher-quality photos. You may think “buzzwords” attract attention, but don’t overdo them, especially if there’s something else you can use instead. Need a tip? Write your description while walking through the home.

When it comes to customer service, plenty of things have changed for the better during the last few years – more responsive communication, adoption of innovation. Don’t let your listings lag behind. It’s more important than ever that they stand out. From the start of the home selling (or buying process) to the closing table, our teams are here to make sure that you shine your best and brightest.

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