Buying a house unseen? Do these 3 things!

Buying a home sight unseen can be a scary proposition. Although with the crazy housing market over the past few years, this practice has become much more common. Even as activity slows down and moderates, doing so may be a viable option that can provide you with an opportunity to land a home you may not have had a chance to buy. 

We’re here to help you navigate this very situation. Putting an offer in on a house sight unseen comes with many risks that the buyer should consider before submitting that offer. If you are feeling hopeless and decide that making an offer sight unseen is your only option, be sure to consider some of the pros and cons first. 

  1. Pictures can be deceiving. With all of the advancements in modern technology, pictures can make a less-than-perfect home look perfect. This is accomplished with color enhancements, strategic angles, and specific camera lenses. Dead, dull green lawns can look bright green and healthy. Walls stained yellow from years of cigarette smoke can look bright and clean. An 8×8 room can look more like an 18×18 room. You can easily spot some of these tricks once you know what to look for. However, it’s always best to see it in person to know exactly what’s there.
  2. Have someone look at it for you. Before you commit to buying the house (in addition to an inspector. More on that in a second.), ask someone to either walk through the house or at least drive by and look at it for you. This can be a family member, a friend or your real estate agent. You should also consider adding contingencies to the contract for an inspection or other type of out in case an issue arises with the condition of the home prior to closing.
  3. Always opt for an inspection. As competitive as the housing market has been, the faster you get to closing the better for everyone involved. Therefore, many buyers have been foregoing a home inspection to speed up the process. This is never a good idea, but if you have the chance to walk the property in person, it does give you some extra peace of mind. When you only have the provided photos, there are plenty of unknowns. An inspection could save you a ton of money in costly repairs, not to mention some serious headaches.

Now that you have an idea of some of the risks of buying sight unseen, you can make a more informed decision, which is what you should strive for during your entire home journey. Knowing what you’re jumping into is always important, which is why our team is here to help you with your title work and closing. Reach out to us whenever you need us, and we’ll be sure to always keep you moving forward.

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