Stressed about selling your home? Read this!

There’s no denying that selling your home can get stressful, no matter how the market is. A recent survey by Offerpad shows some staggering results regarding the level of stress reported by recent home sellers. 

Every change brings uncertainty, but real estate professionals like us are here to help ensure that selling your home is a smooth journey and a milestone worth celebrating. In fact, here are a few ways to significantly reduce stress during the home selling process.

  • Have a plan. This will always reduce anxiety with any process, of course. Decide whether you’re willing to do any repairs or if you’re going to sell as-is. Things can and will change throughout the process, but having a plan will provide a strong foundation for you.
  • Hire help. And we’re talking about more than your listing agent. There are companies that help people prepare to move every day. Hiring out some of the tasks might seem like an unnecessary cost, but if you factor in the stress reduction, it’s worth every penny. From clearing out clutter to small improvements, the time saved will add up fast.
  • Mentally prepare. There is so much more that goes into the home selling process that most people don’t realize or just don’t prepare for. So going over everything before listing and having a better understanding of the process will certainly benefit your mental health. For more, check out these 10 steps to selling a home from Realtor.com. 

Don’t let stress scare you out of selling your home. Right now, sellers are getting top-dollar for their properties. Follow these tips and you’ll be on to your next home in no time. When you and your excited buyer are ready to choose a closing company to make sure your transaction gets to the finish line, our team will be ready to take care of everything for you.

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