Employee Spotlight – Rachel Franklin

Let’s give a round of applause for our newest employee spotlight, Rachel Franklin!

Rachel is a Title Assistant for Alliance Title’s Nampa, ID branch. She has been with Alliance Title since 2018. Rachel’s days are full of searching for, and examining, properties. She loves the process of looking at the history of each property. Rachel explains, “I will look through the whole chain of title, sometimes back to the US Patent, on a property and examine documents that may affect it and create our preliminary title commitments.”

Teamwork is an important value to Rachel inside and outside of her job. She says, “Teamwork in work, and in life, is essential. Our jobs specifically are so team based within the offices, departments, and with clients and customers.”

Rachel enjoys the intellectual aspect of her work. She appreciates being challenged each day to problem solve and finish the puzzles of each property’s history. Rachel adds, “I enjoy the work I do, and often will “nerd out” when I see U.S. Patents signed by early presidents of the country. I am quite a history buff and love puzzles, so searching and examining is a perfect “real life” applicable way to use my skills and satisfy my interests.”

Although Rachel has many people she admires, her 1 and a half year old son might just be the one she admires most. Even though he may not have a perfect attitude every day, she says, “The way he sees the world motivates me to enjoy life more and try and view it the way he does. Toddlers approach life with everything they have.” Rachel is impressed with how he loves his family more than anything, constantly wants to learn, is not afraid to ask for help, but confident enough to try everything on his own, and much more. She concludes, “I am so proud to be his mom, and feel like he often teaches me more than I teach him.”

Outside of work, Rachel has found a great outlet in painting and it has become a big hobby of hers. Other interests include weight lifting, running with her dog, hiking, biking, and going to playgrounds with her husband and son. Rachel adds, “My husband and I also love to flip/refinish furniture or build custom things, and did our own home renovation.” You can always find them having a weekly family movie night with popcorn and candy no matter what other activities are going on. 

Rachel’s favorite quote is, “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future,” by Galadriel from Lord of the Rings. She says, “I specifically love this quote, because from the time I read it and heard it as a child for the first time, to hearing it now as an adult, it inspires me… This quote reiterates that even though you may feel small in the world or insignificant in situations, you still have the power to change. You may be small but your choices and actions can be so big in changing your life, the lives of others and sometimes the world around you. It has motivated me that I can change the course of my future.”Now that you’ve gotten to know Rachel a little more, give a shout out to Alliance’s Nampa Branch on Facebook and write them in on your next transaction! Rachel looks forward to helping make your home closing a simple and smooth experience.

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