3 Steps to Thought Leadership

One of the buzz phrases in marketing circles these days is “thought leadership,” but what exactly is a thought leader? We work with some of the best local real estate experts and caring professionals around, which means you’re in a great position to establish yourself as a thought leader – whether you knew it or not. 

Thought leadership is a fancy term that means expressing and sharing ideas that show your expertise in a particular area of work. According to this Entrepreneur article, the purpose of thought leadership, “is to provide knowledge and expertise that results in positive change for organizations and their executives, employees, and stakeholders.” 

Why is Thought Leadership Important for Real Estate?

In today’s world, every industry is oversaturated with content, and, as the Entrepreneur article so eloquently puts it, “Consumers can’t hear anything over the shouting.” 

Thought leadership differentiates you from the rest of your real estate competitors, but you don’t become a leader overnight. It takes dedication, strategy, and patience. Likewise, it qualifies you as a reliable source and someone that has a command over the market. What better way to show that you are passionate about your work!

3 Starting Steps to Becoming a Thought Leader  

  1. Identify Your Main Purpose 

What is it you want to accomplish with your thought leadership? Determining what exactly you want to provide or teach your audience is important. It’s all about finding the why of your speaking. Otherwise you aren’t differentiating yourself from all the other content available on social media. 

Focusing on what you know best- real estate- is the first step in creating a thought leadership strategy. 

  1. Go Deep on a Few Topics Versus Touching on Them All

As Western Governors University describes, “the beauty about thought leadership is that success can come from streamlining your focus to a single specialty.”

It can be quite difficult to manage several topics at once. Instead, start your strategy by focusing on a few mastered topics that will allow you to present your area of expertise. Each piece of content should build upon the previous, as the Entrepreneur explains. 

Additionally, staying cohesive with topics will emphasize a clean and organized leader!

  1. Organize a Structured Calendar for Your Content 

Planning is important in everything, but especially when it comes to thought leadership. A schedule will allow you and your team to be more strategic. After all, you’re trying to create a complete picture and take your audience along a path of continual growth. 

Thought leadership is the expression of your ideas, but it is also about forming a cohesive narrative surrounding your brand, which is why a structured content calendar/schedule is necessary. 

All in all, thought leadership is about innovative thinking and a passion for your area of expertise. It can build your brand and share your knowledge with those who need it. Remember you can always rely on us to be your title and escrow leader, too!

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