Real Estate Tip of the Week: When to Follow-Up

The dreaded call-back. The terrifying email pursue.

What all agents know and fear: the follow-up.

Now, maybe not all agents fear the follow-up – but there is always a certain pause as to when an agent should follow-up with a potential lead.

So, how do you know?

Rely on Previous Conversation

Each client will be different in terms of when to follow-up. Think back on your conversation with them: what was their urgency, what was their main topic (finances, finding a lender, finding an agent, finding the right neighborhood, etc.).

Gather exactly what it is they were needing and pursuing, and obviously, how quickly they needed results. Follow your gut with your past conversation with them, and base that off when to reach out to them. Be sure that when you reach out to them, you include information that touches on what they were looking for previously and how you can help.

Try and Schedule a Meeting

One major piece of advice is to not try and win a lead over phone call, text, or email. You should always push to meet in person (or Zoom, etc.) when selling exactly who you are, your commission prices, etc.

After you’ve reminded them of who you are, and mentioning that you remember they were trying to find a home in “X” neighborhood, ask if they’d like to schedule a time to chat in person or through a web-video platform to learn more about the ways you can help.

Looking for more real estate tips and tricks? Stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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