Real Estate Tip of the Week: Updating Tech to Reach Clients

As you all know, COVID has made a direct impact on how we all conduct business. It became imperative – essentially overnight – to have technology that would easily help the consumer continue business with you.

It’s almost been 10 months of change, so why not take a look and see what consumers are still needing, and how we can keep adapting – digital-wise, that is.

Moxtra, a firm that offers digital solutions, recently surveyed 1,500 small businesses and customers. Their findings showcase just how important “digital resilience” is, not only during the pandemic, but in today’s digital age in general.

Here are their findings:

  • Consumers want digital connections from small businesses. 84% of those surveyed said they’d consider seeking an alternative provider if digital capabilities were lacking.
    • Think: communication access to employees (email, social media messaging, chat box, etc.), mobile-friendly website, user-friendly websites, etc.
  • Consumers love small businesses (66% said the pandemic has made them more likely to use local business in the future), but if technology doesn’t remain a top priority, it can be a problem for clients to support them.
  • For small businesses, it may be difficult to create a seamless transition to a digital-friendly platform.

Understanding that technology is important to bridge between business and consumer isn’t the problem, but rather, making sure the transition has been, and will be, seamless for companies and clients. Technology is a necessity for both employee and consumer alike.

How has your company evolved through the pandemic?

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