Preparing for Fall Homeownership

With fall, comes homeownership responsibility.

It’s important to prepare your home for the frost bite that fall will bring – but if you’re a new homeowner, how do you know where to start?

Check out our fall preparation tips below:


You might think you’re in the clear with mowing….but you still have some work to do. Cut the grass until you receive the first serious frost of the season. This will keep it healthy as the season brings in the cold.


Aerating your lawn can help keep it healthy as leaves and other debris start to fill up your yard. Look for an aerating tool or machine that removes soil plugs around 2-3 inches deep and 2-3 inches apart. Aerate your lawn when the ground is moist enough!


Instead of raking leaves, mulch them! Decomposing leaves and grass cover the soil – this can help decrease dandelions and crabgrass over the years! Mulched leaves also keeps the soil warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This will help reduce the amount of fertilizer needed to achieve your green-grass dreams in the spring. Some mowers have a “mulch” setting.


Be sure you’re taking the time to trim bushes and trees around your home that might break or fall during the winter.

And just like that – you’re a professional fall homeowner!

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