Real Estate Tip of the Week: Agent Safety Tips

September is real estate agent safety month!

The National Association of Realtor’s have created list of safety tips to help agents better prepare for unknown situations, while also raising their confidence when out in the field.

Safety is of the upmost importance at all times – these tips can help you, as an agent, throughout the year! Check out their first five tips explained below:

Show Properties During the Day

Try your very best to show homes to your clients during the day. If that is not possible, be sure to tell your coworkers and supervisor and give them your contact information. While you’re at the home, do not close any blinds or turn off the lights.

Prep New Clients

A new client should meet you in the office with their Prospect Identification Form completed. Have them also bring a photocopy of their driver’s license as well – discard their personal information after you no longer need it.

Be Weary of Sharing Information

When you advertise your services, be careful not to give out more information than you have to. Do not include your home address, and do not use your full name. If you must use an address, use your company’s address.

Let Clients Guide

Let your client lead the way around the home you’re showing – never don’t lead them, but direct them from a position behind. You can gesture and let them know about the next room they will be entering.

Check Your Surroundings

When you’ve arrived at your destination, make sure you’re checking your surroundings. Make sure you’re parked in a well-lit and visible location, and that you can exit easily.

For more of NAR’s tips on safety, check out their article.

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