Real Estate Tip of the Week: Final Walk-Through Checklist

Congratulations! You’ve done the hurdles of purchasing a home – and now the only thing left is the final walk-through! But what do you need to know before you complete one of your last steps?

What is a Final Walk-Through?

Just as it sounds – you and your real estate agent will walk through the house one last time before you purchase. This is the time for you to spend a few hours looking over every part of the house to check that everything works as it should. You’ll make sure that all requested repairs have been completed and no new repair or maintenance issues have come up since the inspection, among other things.

The final walk-through should take place as close to the closing on the home as possible, and the house should be empty (seller has completely moved out at this point).

This will not be another home inspection – this is only a “check-in” to ensure the house is in the condition you made the offer in.

What to Bring?

Prepare to bring:

  • The original offer that shows what both parties have agreed to in the sale terms.
  • The inspection report that includes any repairs requested.
  • Paper and pen to take any notes.
  • A phone to document any damage or concerns.
  • A power cord (or any item that has a plug-in) to double check the outlets.

Questions to ask and actions to take:

  • Are the requested repairs complete?
  • Has anything been left behind by the seller?
  • Are any appliances missing that should have stayed in the home?
  • Double check water, electricity, gas, and heating/cooling systems.
  • Run hot and cold water from all the faucets.
  • Flush all the toilets and check for leaks.
  • Test all ceiling fans and light switches.
  • Open and close all doors and windows & double check that they lock correctly.

Discuss with your Real Estate Agent

Most times, a final walk-through doesn’t end with an array of problems – but if one or two things pop up on your checklist that concern you, be sure to discuss these with your real estate agent. Your agent is there to represent you and will communicate with the seller’s agent if anything does arise.

After the walk-through, you’ll complete your closing and move into your new home! Congratulations!

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