Real Estate Tip of the Week: Security Protocol While Working from Home

Like many, most of you are probably working away from the office – either from a desktop or a laptop. But while you’re at home, how can you keep your real estate business safe and secure?

Check out our tips below:

Antivirus Software

Double check that your computer has antivirus software that is up-to-date. Be sure it includes privacy tools, extensions on browsers, and any apps you use on your phone.

Network Password

Your home WIFI should be secured with a password – either established from the router when initially installed, or a new password you have changed and created. Make sure your internet is password protected.

Hyper Aware of Phishing Emails

Unfortunately, fraudsters would easily jump on an opportunity to scare agents and clients into sharing personal data with an email subject regarding COVID-19. Be wary of emails asking for a request in confirmation or a renewal – especially from emails you do not know or are asking you to click a link. Do NOT click links or open files from businesses that you don’t know.

Backup Files

Set a schedule to back up your files and data – if the unfortunate incident ever happens where a hacker has found their way into your system, all of your information will be lost.

Always, always, always think of you and your clients’ safety when it comes to working and interacting through technology. Protect your computer and secure your network!

For more real estate tips, stop by Alliance Title’s Blog.

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