Homeowners Remodel During Quarantine

What have you found yourself doing while you’ve been stuck at home? Have you picked up a new hobby? Is your home super organized?

Have you remodeled?

While many homeowners have been stuck at home, some of them have dug out their tool box and got to work.

According to Houzz, a home renovation and resource site, outdoor remodels, bathroom updates, and kitchen projects have been on the list of priorities. 79% of homeowners surveyed have considered making remodels to help enjoy their home more – and that makes sense, considering we’re all now spending a majority of our time there.

Here are some of the other projects homeowners are looking forward to:

  • Changing Décor – 47%
  • Upgrading / adding lighting – 30%
  • Changing layout – 27%
  • Upgrading / adding storage space – 25%
  • Upgrading / adding outdoor space – 24%

Some of the reasons why homeowners are remodeling are quiet interesting – homeowners are baking or working out more, so upgrades to the kitchen or adding an additional workout space are also on homeowner’s minds.

Here’s Houzz’s infographic on what homeowners believe is lacking in their homes:

New housing trends will emerge as we spend more and more time at home – what will we see?

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