Homebuyers and their First-Time Home Preferences

Generational trends prove to be different when it comes to purchasing a home for the first time. A survey from Clovered, a home insurance company, found that Millennials wanted more from their first home compared to Baby Boomers or Gen Xers.

With the length of staying put in your home increasing, Millennials might consider their first home to be their forever home. Clovered’s survey shows some interesting differences between the generations – that raises interesting questions on how a “starter home” might be changing for new homeowners.

Ideal Size:

Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials
2,949 sq. ft. 3,311 sq. ft. 3,320 sq. ft.

Ideal Style:

Baby Boomers Generation X Millennials
Other (32%) Ranch (12%) Ranch (15%) Other (14%) Modern (20%) Other (18%)


Infographic provided by Clovered

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