Boost Your Brand with Reviews

As a real estate agent, you understand that your job isn’t over when your client closes on their dream home. For the real estate industry, reviews are a great way to separate yourself from the pack; and with 93% of consumers saying online reviews influence their purchasing decisions* – reviews should be another part of your business strategy.

Complete Profiles

Other than already having a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram account, you need to have a full and complete profile with popular real estate sites like: Zillow, Yelp, and Realtor.com.

Send an Email

Send a follow-up email two or three days after the closing and include a hyperlink of the places where they can easily leave a review.

Display Comments

When you do receive reviews, find a creative way to highlight them on your website. Clients will be more inclined to write feedback if they see your appreciation towards those who have already submitted.

Reach out to your local Alliance Title Business Representative for tips to grow your business!


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