It’s All in the Family – Birth Order and Housing Preferences

Whether you’re a firstborn, the middle child, the baby, or an only child – you believe you’re the best, and you have your reasons.

Duh, we all do!

It’s no surprise as to how much research has been put in place for siblings, but an interesting take on favorite housing features is turning heads.  

According to the home and décor site, Apartment Therapy, it looks like your birth order might influence your housing preferences.

Licensed Psychotherapist, Ana Jovanovic, explains, “birth order plays a certain role in our upbringing, and thereby also affects the way we tend to think of ourselves and the behaviors we choose.”

What’s the breakdown here?

Oldest and Only Child: Usually, firstborns and only children are neat and orderly. They’ll notice the little details – like the crown molding or any paint chips in the home. Because they were constantly under the watchful eye of their parents, they are more likely prefer a home that offers independence and solitude.

Middle: The middle child goes with the flow and doesn’t stress too much about the little things. They’re used to the hand-me-downs, so things don’t have to be considered “perfect.” They also might be more flexible about who they live with – i.e., living with roommates.

Youngest: The baby of the family is constantly surrounded by family and thus will more likely prefer a community environment when selecting a home. The youngest enjoys being surrounded by a variety of people – condos, apartments, and townhomes would be a natural selection for a place to live.

Do you fall in line with what these findings show?

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