These are Pawsitively the Best Cities for Dog Owners

Dogs are more than just pets – they’re family.

If you’re a dog parent, then you whole-heartedly agree with this phrase – and you try and provide the best possible care for your furry family member.

When it comes to where you live, your dog has become the number one priority. With three quarters of homebuyers passing up on the perfect home if it doesn’t meet their pets’ needs, location is definitely the top concern when choosing a home.

Luckily, Redfin and Rover joined forces to find exactly which cities were the best for dog owners.

They surveyed over 14,000 cities across the country to compile a list of the highest counts of walks, dog walkers and sitters, how often the keyword ‘dog’ appeared in online listing descriptions for sale, on whether properties were described as dog-friendly, and close to dog parks, etc.

Want to avoid a ruff life with your best furry friends? Check out Rover and Redfin’s findings for the top 20 cities for your furry doggies!

CityRover Rank% of ‘Dog’ Searches on ListingWalk ScoreTop Dog Breed
Seattle, WA12%73Labrador Retriever
Chicago, IL24%78Mixed Breed
Denver, CO24%61Labrador Retriever
Manhattan, NY44%89French Bulldog
Washington, DC51%77Mixed Breed
Portland, OR62%65Mixed Breed
Los Angeles, CA72%67Chihuahua
Brooklyn, NY84%89Pit Bill Mix
San Francisco, CA94%86Mixed Breed
San Diego, CA102%51Mixed Breed
Philadelphia, PA112%79Pit Bull Mix
Houston, TX 122%49Mixed Breed
Austin, TX133%40Mixed Breed
Arlington, VA143%37Mixed Breed
Minneapolis, MN151%69Labrador Retriever
Alexandria, VA163%60Mixed Breed
Dallas, TX172%46Labrador Retriever
Atlanta, GA185%49Mixed Breed
San Jose, CA192%51Labrador Retriever
Nashville, TN201%28Mixed Breed
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