Real Estate Tip of the Week: Here’s Hashtags!

Hashtags don’t have to be scary like the movie, The Shining. Hashtags are there to help you categorize and sort through the thousands of postings a day.

And what better way to use hashtags than for your business?

Utilizing hashtags for your post means filing it away under specific categories, so that when users search a specific term your content will appear. But, because technology has it’s “fads,” hashtags can come and go if it corresponds with a specific event.

Here are some tips for general hashtag use, that you can utilize for your posts to ensure your content being seen.


In order to help potential clients find you and / or your listing, you’ll want to hashtag your location. People searching for a home in your area will be looking under: the state, city, county, and (possibly) the neighborhood.

#Location + Home

Make sure you do your research before typing in anything – there might already be hashtags in use for certain names and places. Go along with whichever hashtag has the highest usage number (if there is one available).This hashtag will help you when you’re getting a little more specific in what listing you’re trying to sell – i.e., a Boise Condo. You might try #BoiseCondo to showcase the style and location.

#Your Real Estate Agency

It’s important to show the company behind you. If they search for the real estate agency, then your content will pop up too. It’s a great tool to get clients to see you and the business.

#School District

This hashtag is highlighted towards families and parents looking to move with a nice school district in tow. Again, it’s important to do your research here on what is being tagged in the area.

#Trendy Keywords

Use these keywords sparingly – you don’t want to be too overwhelming with hashtags on your post. But if you wanted to use a hot keyword that corresponds with your upload – i.e., #homesweethome – that would offer up more search results.

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