Meet our Centralized Title Plant Branch in Boise, ID!

Front row left to right: Linda Farrar, Cherie Dill, Ronnie Grove, Stacey Hunt, Marci Pawson, Cindy Peterson. Back row left to right: Becky Bradshaw, Tyler Walker, Walter Gilden, Ronald Rusher, Dianna Lords. Missing from picture, Della Swank.

Alliance Title’s Centralized Title Plant (CTP) provides title plant maintenance / document indexing service for 31 counties in Idaho, Montana, Washington and Wyoming. Alliance maintains strict guidelines to have all recorded documents related to real property posted within five business days from the date the record­ings are received from the County. Through these guidelines, Alliance is able to provide the most up-to-date title plant information available.  Our full range of products include full service locating and mapping, technical support assistance, document retrieval, ancillary services, as well as training and educational services.       

The associates that work at Alliance’s CTP are really the ‘unsung heroes’ of our industry.  They spend countless hours making sure that property related recorded documents are posted correctly so that when a title search is ordered, the work can be performed in a timely and efficient manner. Users of Alliance’s Centralized Title Plant have confidence that the data provided is accurate and hence are able to write title insurance based on the documents posted by the hard working team at CTP. You may not hear of them when you close your transaction with us but rest assured they did their part to make sure your transaction went smoothly!       

CTP Fun Facts:      

Documents keyed in 2011: 440,135      

Keying Average: 100 docs per hour      

Verifying Average: 110 docs per hour      

Locating Average: 21 docs per hour  

Downtown Boise at Sunset

Alliance’s CTP is located in scenic Boise, Idaho which sits along the Boise River and the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Known as the City of Trees, Boise has a lot to offer by way of cultural, artistic, and educational interests such as the Basque festival, a variety of theatres and museums, the World Center for Birds of Prey and the Boise zoo. Due to its diverse geographical landscape, a wide variety of recreational activities are available to residents and visitors alike. Some of these activities include kayaking, camping, hiking, river rafting, hunting and fishing. To learn more about The City of Trees, go to http://bit.ly/JY0orG      

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